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Describe Information System Life Cycle.

Describe Information System Life Cycle.

Describe Information System Life Cycle.

Jeeba Mar. 07, 2018

The system life cycle is a series of stages that are worked through during the development of a new information system.

Phase 1: System Investigation: This phase examines that ‘What is the problem and is it worth solving’? A feasibility study is done under the dimensions – Technical, Economical, Legal, Operational etc.

Phase 2: System Analysis: This phase examines that ‘What must the Information System do to solve the problem’? System analyst would be gathering details about the current system and will involve interviewing staff; examining current business; sending out questionnaires and observation of current procedures. The Systems Analyst will examine data and information flows in the enterprise using data flow diagrams; establish what the proposed system will do (not how it will do it); analyze costs and benefits; outline system implementation options. (For example: in-house or using consultants); consider possible hardware configurations; and make recommendations.

Phase 3: System Designing: This phase examines that ‘How will the Information System do what it must do to obtain the solution to the problem’? This phase specifies the technical aspects of a proposed system in terms of Hardware platform; Software; Outputs; Inputs; User interface; Modular design; Test plan; Conversion plan and Documentation.

Phase 4: System Implementation: This phase examines that ‘How will the solution be put into effect’? This phase involves coding and testing of the system; acquisition of hardware and software; and either installation of the new system or conversion of the old system to the new one.

Phase 5: System Maintenance and Review: This phase evaluates results of solution and modifies the system to meet the changing needs. Post implementation review would be done to address Programming amendments; Adjustment of clerical procedures; Modification of Reports, and Request for new programs.