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 As an Auditor, state the General principles…

 As an Auditor, state the General principles of verification of Assets.

 As an Auditor, state the General principles of verification of Assets.

Chiranjibi Aug. 24, 2018

General Principles of Verification of Assets: It is not sufficient for the auditors only to verify correctness of the amount of assets shown in the balance sheet, he must verify them by actual inspection or otherwise and establish the existence of assets.

Points requiring auditor’s attention for verification are as under:

(i) Cost - In regard to assets, verification procedure need not generally be extended to determination of the correctness of costs and authority to incur costs unless the items concerned were purchased during the accounting period under review. In such cases the auditor should check the correctness of costs through normal vouching method. He should ensure that adequate distinction has been made between ‘revenue’ and ‘capital’ nature of costs.

(ii) Ownership - Where ownership of assets is evidenced by documents of title etc. as in the case of immovable property, a reference should be made to such documents. If the documents are held by third person the auditor should either obtain a certificate directly from that party or arrange to inspect them at the third party’s place of business.

(iii) Valuation - It must be ascertained that all assets are valued in accordance with appropriate accounting policy. For the valuation made, the basis must be consistently applied, unless circumstances necessitated a change. Even then a disclosure is required for the change and its monetary effect.

(iv) Existence - Physical inspection should be done wherever possible. Where physical inspection is not possible, the possibility of obtaining indirect evidence be considered e.g. machinery imported held in customs godown or materials sent to subcontractor for job work or fabrication. In such circumstances certificating of such parties should be obtained and if considered necessary even physical verification may be requested.

(v) Presentation in accounts - Material assets must be properly disclosed and correctly described in the accounts. It should be seen that the description given to them is clear and complete and is not misleading e.g. stating loans on the assets side of the balance sheet “as dependent upon realization” is just misleading as was held in the case of London and General Bank Ltd. care must be taken to see that disclosures required under the statute or statement issued by ICAI are complied with.