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June 24, 2017

My dear CoE,

You would be surprised to learn that successful people do not handle quadrant 1 of life….


Because they don’t let any of their jobs creep into Q1…. of their life….

They don’t handle quadrant 3 of the life even….


The same answer….they don’t let anything enter into Q3 too….

They don’t let any of their jobs get into URGENT realm….

They catch all their jobs at a young age….ie in Q2 itself… ie when the job is important but not urgent….

As a result of nothing ever gets into Q1 viz Urgent and Important… And they get ample time to decide… And thus make good decisions...

Quite in contrast, most of the other people are always handling Q1 jobs or sometimes Q3….ie they are always handling URGENT matters….so, they get less time to decide….and so, many a time they make ok decisions….

My dear brother, now finding matters in Q2, is actually a trick…. And there is no rocket science in it….

You can hear Tony Robbins or wait for my future email….

I don’t know when I would write on it…. I don’t follow rules…. I work at my own sweet will….

After all, I am Thakurani’s bestie...

Yours Affectionately,

Thakurani’s bestie


"Answer Request" facility on "Quaremon" is impressive. It's an awesome opportunity for the budding chartered accountants like me.

Akanksha Gupta
CA Akanksha Gupta

Shocks n Mocks is quite cool. It lets me create and publish my own tax news.

Kanishka Mehta
Kanishka Mehta, CA

I find the videos an easy way to understand complex tax cases, quite creative!

Chandni Gogoi
Chandni Gogia, MBA

'The illiterate of the 21st century
will not be those
who cannot read and write,
but those
who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn
-- Alvin Toffler.

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