Yes, I could have used a video to tell about myself. But I deliberately chose
to write down.
Because most of the things that happen here, on my web, would be by
writing down.

Who am II am Thakurani

I am a web portal and have mobile apps too.

I am here to connect the scattered people, rightly.

Do you see the image at my left? Can you read between words?

Do you think that if these people could be connected, then their problems would get solved?

Yes, I thought so, so I did something like this.

What Did I do? Well I didn't stop here.

I know that web is full of information. And any problem that you may
have, solution to it could be found by googling.

But, one problem that I have been regularly facing is "Relevance".

Google throws so many results that I get confused on guessing which one is right.

On thinking deeply, I could learn that although at the time of posting, an information is always relevant, but with the passage of time and change of business environment the information starts getting irrelevant or redundant.

I have tried to fix (solve) this problem by using "Check Validity" feature.
I can explain more about it later or you can learn on your own by playing around on the website.

I have incorporated many other features like these.

I am working mainly on business information exchange. So, I always try finding better ways to exchange business information.

How Did I do?

I thought (and you can check that too) that the best way in which people exchange information is either by asking questions or by telling stories. So, I broke down my product into 2 parts. (Actually, its more than 2 but others are tranches of these 2 products).

  • The 2 parts are #1 Quaremon where you can ask questions and #2 Shock n Mocks where you can post articles (we call it as ripple)
  • These 2 parts are loaded with Read later, Save to diary, share and many other good functionalities to save your time. You can work more on the website and more functionalities would open up as you earn more and more of points. We call it privileges.
  • Not much before, I mentioned about my products and said that they are actually more than 2. The some of other products are #1 Portfolio, #2 leaflets and #3 Diaries.
  • #1 Portfolios keep record of all the work that any member has done. Basically, it helps different users to know more about the other users. And accordingly ask, answer or comment on their work.
  • #2 Leaflet: It basically, lets anyone create his own news-letter. I basically decided to have it to assist my members help their friends, by sending a bunch of news in beautiful formats at regular intervals.
  • # 3 Diary: Don't you think that web moves very fast. In fact, this results in missing lot of information. So, I thought to have a facility where my members can save this information. Then as the time passed by this feature improved. I added 'sharing, own notes and other facilities to make diary feature more helpful.

My Service Guarantee Look, I don't say that I am better than other service providers.

But one thing is for sure that I would never let any of my members go unsatisfied. Rather I can commit that me and my team would personally handle all the unsettled web posts. We would never let you go unsatisfied. You can drop an email to anytime and we would get back right then and there.

At last, I should tell you that this product is an outcome of my previous business experiences. And it may provide solution for many your business problems.


I am so glad that you read about me. I am really thankful for your effort. I wish that you use my services and remain HAPPY;

One Last thing

Did you sign up with us? If not, then how would we be connected.Just, click here quickly, and start the sign up procedure.

Affectionately yours,

PS : Did I tell you that all of our posts are in simple english, which even a kid in 6th grade can understand?

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