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What is business processes re-engineering in an o…

What is business processes re-engineering in an organisation?

What is business processes re-engineering in an organisation?

Jeeba Aug. 10, 2018

BPR is the analysis and redesign of processes within and between the organizations. It is a total rethinking of a business process in its entirety. BPR focuses on massive improvement on the performance of process in every aspect as time, cost, output, quality, and responsiveness to customers. 

It seeks to increase efficiency of a process removing all the worthless steps and identifying the best way of business processes.

It is revolutionary redesign of key business processes that involves examination of the basic process itself. Also it involves in redesigning of critical business processes and supporting business systems. It means removing the unfruitful old age procedures of doing work by analyzing; how work has been done and deciding how it can be done in best way.

Reengineering may not focus on what the existing process is rather it focuses on what it should be. 

The most important elements of BPR involves radical redesigning of process. Radical redesign find the completely new ways of doing the work.

BPR mostly strives to improve performance. It is about business reinvention. It is not simply a business improvement, business enhancement, or business Modification. BPR may be viewed a as a means of solving business problems