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Explain, Difference between Transactional&nb…

Explain, Difference between Transactional Leadership Style and Transformational …

Explain, Difference between Transactional Leadership Style and Transformational Leadership Style.

ankita Mar. 20, 2018

Difference between transformational and transactional leadership 1. Transformational leadership style uses charisma and enthusiasm to inspire people to exert them for the good of organization. Transactional leadership style uses the authority of its offices to exchange rewards such as pay, status, etc. 2. Transformational leadership style may be appropriate in turbulent environment, in industries at the very start or end of their cycles, poorly performing organisations, when there is a need to inspire a company to embrace major changes. Transactional leadership style can be appropriate in settled environment, in growing or mature industries and in organisations that are performing well. 3. Transformational leaders inspire employees by offering the excitement, vision, intellectual stimulation and personal satisfaction. Transactional leaders prefer a more formalized approach to motivation, setting clear goals with explicit rewards or penalties for achievement and non-achievement. Transactional leaders focus mainly to build on existing culture and enhance current practices.