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Please explain me in short what “Performance Audi…

Please explain me in short what “Performance Audit” means.

Please explain me in short what “Performance Audit” means.

Kanishka Feb. 12, 2018

The scope of audit is extended to to cover efficiency, economy and effectiveness audit or performance audit, or full scope audit.

Efficiency audit looks into whether the various schemes/projects are executed and their operations conducted economically and whether they are yielding the results expected of them, i.e., the relationship between goods and services produced and resources used to produce them; and examination aimed to find out the extent to which operations are carried out in an economical and efficient manner.

Economy audit looks into whether the entity has acquired the financial, human and physical resources in an economical manner, and whether the sanctioning and spending authorities have observed economy.

Effectiveness audit is an appraisal of the performance of programmes, schemes, projects with reference to the overall targeted objectives as well as efficiency of the means adopted for the attainment of the objectives.

Efficiency-cum-performance audit, wherever used, is an objective examination of the financial and operational performance of an organisation, programme, authority or function and is oriented towards identifying opportunities for greater economy and effectiveness.

The procedure for conducting performance audit covers identification of topic, preliminary study, planning and execution of audit, and reporting. Normally speaking, the performance audit is conducted by the government in respect of various expenditure incurred.

While the trend towards a comprehensive approach for conducting performance of full scope audit is visible, the coverage and depth of evaluation vary according to the statutory limitations, and the organisational constraints of C&AG.