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XYZ Limited is planning to implement Business Pro…

XYZ Limited is planning to implement Business Process Management Systems (BPMS). The Management wan…

XYZ Limited is planning to implement Business Process Management Systems (BPMS). The Management wants to know some benefits of BPMS to help them to take a decision on BPMS.So, explain in brief.

Jeeba Mar. 06, 2018

Business Process Automation or process automation is a strategy used by businesses to automate processes. It consists in one or more integrations between applications in order to make the best use possible of the available resources.

BPA is an organizational transformation focused on driving efficiency, providing transparency and standardizing recurring business processes.

Some of the benefits of Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) are as follows:

(a) Automating repetitive business processes: Processes such as report creation and distribution or the monitoring of or reporting on company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reduces the manual operational costs and helps employees to concentrate on activities that are important to the success of business.

(b) BPMS works by 'loosely coupling' with a company's existing applications: This enables it to monitor, extract, format and distribute information to systems and people; in line with business events or rules.

(c) Operational Savings: BPM focuses on optimization of processes. The processes that are repetitive are optimized and lead to reduced expenses which translate to immediate cost savings.

(d) Reduction in the administration involved in Compliance and ISO Activities: quality of product and services is mandatory. Quality standards as stated to ISO standards, a financial audit law, or an IT systems best-practice implementation, companies worldwide are seeing the need to manage compliance as part of their everyday business activities.

(e) Freeing-up of employee time: BPM excludes the manual way of working in an organisation which obviously saves working time required.