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Explain "Tablet" in brief.

Explain "Tablet" in brief.

Explain "Tablet" in brief.

Jeeba Mar. 06, 2018

Tablet is simply a general purpose computer in a single panel. Touch screen of the tablet is input device. Tablet is portable , easy to use and the wide range of ways they can be used.

Some features of Tablets are as follows:

Input Method: Tablets uses a touch interface on the screen for all input.

Size: Tablets have the size roughly of a small pad of paper and a weight that is less than one Kg.

Battery Life: Tablets are designed for efficiency because of the low power requirements of their hardware components. Tablets can achieve all day usage.

Storage Capacity: Most tablets come with configurations that allow between 16 and 64 gigabytes of storage.

Performance: Most tablet PCs are based on extremely low powered processors more suited for tasks like email, web browsing, playing video or audio.

Software: The two major tablet platforms are Android and iOS amongst plenty of applications that are available.

Wireless: Because tablets by design are mobile computers; most of them have WiFi, blue tooth and mobile connectivity.