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What is Executive Information System ?

What is Executive Information System ?

What is Executive Information System ?

Jeeba Mar. 07, 2018

Executive Information System are the key factors of the success of modern business organizations. Lets see what this system is all about.

Executive Information System or EIS is an information system designed and developed for the top level management of an entity. Such people include the CEO, COO, Department and unit heads etc. For the reference of these individuals, the system provides data and information for all the units, branches, departments and geographical regions of a company.

This information is in a graphical format, usually in the form of graphs, tables, charts and diagrams. This gives the user an overview of how things are going on inside the entity.

The entire data of this system is stored on a cloud, as a result, the users can access this data from any place at any time. This helps in taking quick and effective decisions for the users.

EIS are tailored made specifically to meet the needs of the top level management. The data is usually in a summarized form. However, there is an option to 'drill down' to more minute and detailed information. This way, the user can obtain the information of the entity as a whole and then drill down such information to a particular branch, product, time periods like the month of May etc.