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There are a couple of leasing transactions entere…

There are a couple of leasing transactions entered into by the leasing company, how do I audit thes…

There are a couple of leasing transactions entered into by the leasing company, how do I audit these?

Chiranjibi Feb. 20, 2018

You can adopt the following procedures while checking leasing transactions entered to by the leasing company:

(i) The object clause of leasing company to see that the goods like capital goods, consumer durables etc. in respect of which the company can undertake such activities. Further, to ensure that whether company can undertake financing activities or not.

(ii) Whether there exists a procedure to ascertain the credit analysis of lessee like lessee’s ability to meet the commitment under lease, past credit record, capital strength, availability of collateral security, etc.

(iii) The lease agreement should be examined and the following points may be noted:

(1) the description of the lessor, the lessee, the equipment and the location where the equipment is to be installed.

(The stipulation that the equipment shall not be removed from the described location except for repairs. For the sake of identification, the lessor may also require plates or markings to be attached to the equipment).

(2) the amount of tenure of lease, dates of payment, late charges, deposits or advances etc. should be noted.

(3) whether the equipment shall be returned to the lessor on termination of the agreement and the cost shall be borne by the lessee.

(4) whether the agreement prohibits the lessee from assigning the subletting the equipment and authorises the lessor to do so.

(iv) Examine the lease proposal form submitted by the lessee requesting the lessor to provide him the equipment on lease.

(v) Ensure that the invoice is retained safely as the lease is a long-term contract.

(vi) Examine the acceptance letter obtained from the lessee indicating that the equipment has been received in order and is acceptable to the lessee.

(vii) See the Board resolution authorising a particular director to execute the lease agreement has been passed by the lessee.

(viii) See that the copies of the insurance policies have been obtained by the lessor for his records.