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Please explain the major advantages of DBMS??

Please explain the major advantages of DBMS??

Please explain the major advantages of DBMS??

Chiranjibi Mar. 07, 2018

Major advantages of Database Management Systems (DBMS) are given as follows:

Permitting data sharing:

One of the principle advantages of a DBMS is that the same information can be made available to different users.

Minimizing Data Redundancy:

In a DBMS duplication of information or redundancy is, if not eliminated, carefully controlled or reduced i.e. there is no need to repeat the same data repeatedly. Minimizing redundancy can therefore significantly reduce the cost of storing information on hard drives and other storage devices.

Integrity can be maintained:

Data integrity is maintained by having accurate, consistent, and up-to-date data. Updates and changes to the data only must be made in one place in DBMS ensuring Integrity. The chances of making a mistake increase if the same data needs to be changed at several different places than making the change in one place.

Program and file consistency:

Using a DBMS, file formats and programs are standardized. This makes the data files easier to maintain because the same rules and guidelines apply across all types of data. The level of consistency across files and programs also makes it easier to manage data when multiple programmers are involved. 


DBMS makes the data access and manipulation easier for the user. DBMS also reduce the reliance of users on computer experts to meet their data needs.

Improved security:

DBMSs allow multiple users to access the same data resources which could lead to risk to an enterprise if not controlled. Security constraints can be defined i.e. Rules can be built to give access to sensitive data. Some sources of information should be protected or secured and only viewed by select individuals. Using passwords, database management systems can be used to restrict data access to only those who should see it.

Achieving program/data independence:

In a DBMS data does not reside in applications but data bases program & data are independent of each other.

Faster application development:

In the case of deployment of DBMS, application development becomes fast. The data is already therein databases, application developer has to think of only the logic required to retrieve the data in the way a user needs. Major disadvantages of DBMS are as under:


Implementing a DBMS system can be expensive and time-consuming, especially in large enterprises. Training requirements alone can be quite costly.


Even with safeguards in place, it may be possible for some unauthorized users to access the database. If one gets access to database, then it could be an all or nothing proposition.