Let others see how you work. You don't have to tell them

You are brilliant. But how do you tell this to others?

No one other than your parents can believe this unless you prove it. Please don't convince them by words, but by your work all put up here in your portfolio.

My Dear Friend,

I don't know whether you are a lover of art. Probably you are, or you are not!

But I would be amazed if you don't remember at least one of these two paintings - the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper.

If you have heard about these paintings, you would have heard of Leonardo da Vinci too. However, have you heard of Ludovico il Moro, who was the Duke of Milan and for whom Leonardo Da Vinci worked.

Probably no.

You won't be remembering Ludovico but Leonardo because you know Leonardo's portfolio (i.e., his paintings)

Now the second thing.

You must be knowing this. It is evident and related to above.

What should travel faster in this internet era, your portfolio (profile) or you?

Of course, your portfolio. Why?

Because your clients or employers are knowledgeable and much before you reach them, they want to find out whether you interest them or not. And that they do by watching your work on the internet. Right?

So, portfolio always works irrespective of era, Leonardo or internet.

And to make your portfolio work for you, I developed this page. Your portfolio would replace this article (ripple) that you are reading now.

All the work that you do here at Thakurani would show up on this page. And I would show charts - analytical and comparative, that could help your prospects select you. But I have two conditions to show this all up. 1. You should have at least 10 points and 2. You should be at least on the Queen Plan..

You probably might have noticed it by now; if you watch above in the URL-bar, you would see your name. You can freely print this URL on your visiting card, website or at any other place. I don't have any problem.

Let others see how you work. You don't have to tell them.

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