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Dear Expert,I am the employee of a section 8 'cha…

Dear Expert,I am the employee of a section 8 'charitable' company. Recently, the company had filed …

Dear Expert,

I am the employee of a section 8 'charitable' company. Recently, the company had filed for FCRA prior permission in form FC3 to the FCRA department.

Our company has only two directors. But the FCRA requires the details of 3 chief functionary of the company, which do not exist.

Because of this, FCRA demanded clarification on the application and allowed us a resubmission window to resubmit the documents.

We had not understood what the demand was at that time, and by the time we figured it out, the resubmission window had closed. It said "clarification requested time has lapsed".

So, we applied for reopening the resubmission window on the 4th of January, 2019. And today, on the 9th of January, I received a sms confirmation stating that the resubmission window has been opened and to submit the information accordingly.

But, when I track my application using the MH number, or even login to the FCRA portal, the clarification window is not opened yet.

Will it open overtime, or should I mail the authorities again addressing the situation?

Thanks in advice for your kind help.

Chiranjibi Jan. 09, 2019

Hi Mr Sarthak

You have received an sms stating the resubmission window has been opened, but the website is not letting you update your application.

Your resubmission window will be open when the FCRA website is updated, it will take 24 hours at most.

My advice for you is to wait till the next intimation from the FCRA department. You will receive it when the website is updated.

You can also try checking tomorrow, and see if your query is solved. If it is not solved, you should try to reach out to the FCRA authorities through mail or a telephone call on the address mentioned below:

Mail address:

Telephone contact: 011-23077501

Thank You